ACF of Iowa

Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2012

  1. I.      Call to order

Chef called to order the regular meeting of the ACF of Iowa at 6:10 p.m. on February 20, 2012, at Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, in West Des Moines, Iowa.

  1. II.      Roll call

The following persons were present:



Jantina Wennerstrom

Elaine Wolf


Chef Anderson

Erik Bishop

Kees Vermeulen

Brian Kauzlarich

Bill Gordish

Chef Botel

Chef Easter

Brian Peterson

Chef Jensen

Kathy Crum

Ryan Pentico

  1. III.      Open issues

a)      Treasure Report:  

  1. a.       Regular checking:  $7,254.47
  2. b.      Scholarship checking;  $2,231.43
  3. c.       CD:  $1,818.97 – renews in October 2012


b)      Jantina Wennerstrom requested permission to pay $175 to the Greater Des Moines Convention Bureau for additional promotion of our upcoming Smaples, Sips, and Scholarships. Motion to approve by Bill Gordish.  2nd by Chef Easter.  All approved.


c)      Review of fundraiser event presented by Jantina Wennerstrom.  Date is March 3, 2012, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at West End Architectural Salvage, Des Moines, Iowa.  Food:

  1. a.       Turkey – Tamales
  2. b.      Flemings
  3. c.       Great Caterers of Iowa
  4. d.      Taco Pocalypse
  5. e.       Chocolaterie Stam (confirmed 2/21/12)
  6. f.       ICI – breads


  1. g.      Jasper Winery
  2. h.      Madhouse Brewery
  3. i.        Olde Main (root beer and brew)
  4. j.        Doll Distributing – hopefully a spirit?

      Additional comments/suggestions:

  1. a.       Logo on tickets with Eventbrite.  Jantina to check on design possibilities, if any.
  2. b.      Eventbrite = are we going to use the app to scan tickets at door?  Also have a checklist of guests so we can make sure they have tickets to attend.
  3. c.       ACF Booth – Bill Gordish is thinking a ppt and additional information.  Do we have pop-ups? 
    1. a.       Chef Easter to extend invite and speak to Chef Gordon – inquire if he knows where they might be?
    2. b.      Jantina to inquire with BJ and see if he might know where the booth in a bag has been placed?
    3. c.       Call national?
    4. d.      Clarify and secure parking information.  Add to alert and ticket.
    5. e.       Set a price for students.  Check IDs at the door.
    6. f.       Spruce up the event section on the website.
      1. IV.      New business

a.)    Mauricio gave an update about the Chef partnership opportunities with the Healthy Kids Act.  He will send information to Jantina and she will send it out to the group.

b.)    Meeting schedule:

  1. 1.      March 19 – Jasper Winery
  2. 2.      April 16 – ISU with Erica Bierman
    1. V.      Adjournment

Bill Gordish Motioned.  Kathy Crum – 2nd.  All agreed.  Chef Easter adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.  

Minutes submitted by:  Chef Anderson

Minutes approved by: