ACF of Iowa

Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2011

  1. I.      Call to order

Chef Phil called to order the regular meeting of the ACF of Iowa at 7:15 p.m. on September 20, 2011, at Hy-Vee in West Des Moines, Iowa.

  1. II.      Roll call

Chef Phil passed around a sheet for roll call. The following persons were present:



Jantina Wennerstrom                   

Jim McClain                       

Elisa Cackler                                       

Preecha Prasong                             

Jessica Barber

Danica Matthews

David Roosa

Kees Vermeulen

Erica Bierman

Karla V. Boetel

William J. Easter

Ryan Pentico

Elaine Wolf

Kathy Crum

David Jensen

Chad Borsheim

Robert Anderson

Phil Carey



  1. III.      Open issues

a)      June minutes:  Bill Easter motioned to approve, David Jensen seconded, all agreed. 

b)      Certification in October:  4 people signed up at this time.  3 from Grinnell and 1 from Deerfield.  If any board members wish to attend, they need to wear whites and toque to observe.  Chef Phil can provide the toques.

c)      Chef Phil received the ByLaws from Chef BJ and Chef Ephraim.  They are outdated and in the future we will need to update them.

d)     Treasure Report:  Kathy reported on one account (of 3) -

  1. a.       Regular Checking = $2,230.43

Linda motioned to approve, Chef Jensen seconded, all approved Treasurer Report.

e)      Review of fundraiser event presented by Linda Funk.  Venues in consideration:  HyVee, Elwell, Zart1312.  Ticket prices will be set at an affordable price.  Will visit with the commodity boards about their involvement and donations.  Other thoughts:

  1. a.       Music?
  2. b.      Photo?
  3. c.       Orchestra / WDM Valley
    1. IV.      New business

a.)    November 21 meeting will be at Central Campus to see Elaine’s new kitchen.

b.)    Elaine spoke about her upcoming fundraiser dinner at BOS.  $29/ticket and it all goes to support the program at Central Campus.

c.)    Second Vice President position open on the board.  Discussion tabled until Chef Phil inquires about the position and when elections will take place.

  1. V.      Adjournment

Chef Phil Motioned.  Bill – 2nd.  All agreed.  Chef Phil adjourned the meeting at 7:35 p.m.  

Minutes submitted by:  Chef Anderson

Minutes approved by: 


Group had a Emmi Roth Cheese tasting.  Gruyere contest announcement.